We are liberalizing payments with Lidio!

Working to liberalize payments, Lidio makes your financial processes easier. Meet our world-class digital payment technologies and start accepting payments anywhere you want.

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With the most experienced fintech team in Turkey, we offer our merchants and their consumers the digital solutions they need, coupled with our flexible and secure infrastructure.

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Single Platform for Your Payments

Lidio helps you access all banks and payment institutions you need via a single infrastructure, and manage your payments collections from a single point.

  • With our domestic & international business partnerships and our integrated solutions, we help our merchants grow their businesses rapidly.
  • With our world-class API support that facilitates your integration processes, you can ensure your payment collections run smoothly, and customize your payment page.
  • At Lidio you can choose the most cost-efficient payment method - collect payments via Lidio virtual POS or via your partner banks/payment facilitators.
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Sanal POS

Boost Your Revenues

Improve your conversion rates by more than 15% with our bespoke products for your business.

  • Lidio helps you avoid revenue losses due to unsuccessful transactions. We route these transactions to other POS devices within milliseconds to minimize your risk.
  • We minimize shopping cart abandonment rates with our user-friendly and customizable checkout pages
  • Long integration processes mean higher costs. With our strong, world-class API services, we accelerate your integration processes while cutting down your costs.
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We Minimize Your Financial Losses

Minimize your exposure to fraud risk by joining our digital payment platform, which hosts an outstanding number of online payment transactions in Turkey.

  • Lidio’s Al-supported services and expert fraud analysts help you avoid financial losses that may result from fraud.
  • Your business is monitored by Lidio’s robust fraud solutions on 24/7 basis.
  • We care about the security of your payment infrastructure. Lidio offers you protection against fraud so that you can focus more on growing your business.
  • All transactions are handled in a secure infrastructure, which has been licensed by the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey.
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Fraud Prevention

Manage Your Sellers

Lidio manages all operational and commercial processes of merchants’ sellers and their consumers.

  • With Lidio, you can transfer payments to your sellers’ accounts free of charge.
  • We offer your sellers the best FX rates when making sales, and protect you against potential losses arising from FX volatility.
  • We create real-time seller accounts for your unbanked sellers and minimize your risk with “Know Your Customer” process and our Escrow Account management.
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Reach Millions of Users

Lidio currently hosts 2.8+ tokenized cards. Become a Lidio merchant to reach millions of card owners in our infrastructure via Lidio Pass and tap into the advantages we offer in the world of payments.

  • Create a special tokenized card portfolio for your business and become a data owner.
  • Boost your sales while cutting down on your costs using Lidio Virtual POS device or your partner banks/payment facilitators.
  • Improve customer loyalty with Lidio’s closed-circuit card tokenization and instand refund feature.
  • Process payments for your purchases with one click payment option using tokenized cards in Lidio’s infrastructure, without manually entering card information every time.
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Tokenized Cards

Consumers Without Borders

Become a Lidio member to use our tailor-designed personal solutions and to have a smooth purchasing experience in which you can process payments in seconds.

  • Enjoy hassle-free shopping with Lidio's payment instruments developed for individual consumers while making your expenses at our Lidio contracted workplaces.
  • Just click “Tokenize My Card” button when making a purchase. You will not be asked to enter your card information the next time.
  • When paying with credit cards or splitting the total price of a shopping cart with your loved ones, you can pay with up to 10 payment instruments (loan, credit card, wire transfer, etc.).
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International Partnerships

Make your payment collections easily and reach millions of new consumers with Lidio’s international cooperation agreement.

  • We connect Turkish SMEs to local payment tools and alternative payment methods in their export destinations, facilitating their penetration into new markets.
  • Make your international integrations easily with world-class API services.
  • With the single-platform feature, your business can easily operate in international markets.
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Sanal POS

B2B Payment Collections Made Easier

With our tailored B2B solutions, we accelerate online collections from merchants to master accounts, thus enabling smooth management of cash flows.

  • Lidio's ERP services, which can be rapidly and easily integrated with your bookkeeping software, facilitate your accounting processes.
  • Collected amounts can be smoothly distributed among all merchants and sub-merchants.
  • Lidio manages your merchant/sub-merchant application and contracting processes in your B2B payment collections, minimizing your risk exposure and costs.
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A brand-new way of payments for you and your consumers

+54M tokenized card information in our secure infrastructure
16M+ successful transactions every month
100+ payment solutions and secure cross-border payment infrastructure

Products to add value to your business

Lidio liberalizes payments by offering alternative payment solutions for businesses of diverse scales. Growing your business while simplifying your financial processes is our strong suit.