Pay with Credit

Pay with Credit

With Pay with Credit option, offer hassle-free shopping experience to consumers who don’t prefer using credit cards or remittance/EFT methods or who are overdrawn.

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How it works?

With Pay with Credit option, your consumers can use shopping credit from their current banks or from instant credit institutions to make payments of 500 TRY or more. The paid amount will be transferred to the account of your business the same day.

Boost Your Sales

With Pay with Credit option, we reach millions of new users and offer excellent payment experience for merchants and their consumers. We also increase their sales.


Lidio offers convenient solutions for diverse payment habits of businesses of various scales or individual consumers. And these solutions can be integrated with other Lidio services.

Shopping with Credit

Avoid outdated crediting procedures. With Lidio’s Pay with Credit option, you can instantly access credits from your contracted institutions with a single click.

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We reshape payment habits of users

Pay with Credit option has been designed to give you access to more than 20 million consumers who don’t use credit cards.

  • Inquire consumer risk 24/7.
  • Process your transactions remotely using our unsigned, undocumented, real-time credit approval service.
  • Use our micro-credit extension for small purchases.
  • Access world-class API integration and reporting tools to perfectly manage your processes.
  • Use instant cancellation/return processes.

Meet a new generation of payment technologies

We love breaking new grounds. With Lidio’s Pay with Credit infrastructure, you can reach millions of new consumers while introducing the concept of online shopping to many customers for the first time.


A brand-new way of payments for you and your consumers.

+54M tokenized card information in our secure infrastructure
16M+ successful transactions every month
Different payment solutions and secure cross-border payment infrastructure

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We liberate the world of payments with products suitable for every business and scale. All our services are designed to grow your business

Let us find the correct
solution for you

We are aware that different businesses have different needs. Our priority at Lidio is to analyse your business, your needs and integrate the most appropriate products and services with your financial processes seamlessly.

We are ready to listen to you. If you are ready to grow your business and digitalize your processes, leave your contact details and we will call you.

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