Smart Switch

Smart Switch

Lidio’s AI-supported Smart Switch services guarantee that your transactions are always successful. With Smart Switch, your transactions are redirected to the best POS device on the basis of regulations and costs, boosting your sales by more than 7%.

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How it works?

With Lidio’s Smart Switch, unsuccessful transactions are redirected to other banks/payment institutions multiple times in milliseconds, and your transactions are successfully routed to the best POS device for you. You can use Smart Switch module with Lidio’s POS devices or with the systems of your existing bank/payment institution.

Conversion Rate

Lidio’s Smart Switch module is the most advanced technology in the industry with more than 7% conversion rate.

Unlimited Freedom

You can accept payments via Lidio’s Virtual POS device or via your current bank/payment institution.

Alternative Methods

Integrate your systems with card as well as remittance/EFT, Credit option and other payment methods.

Smart Switch

With Lidio’s Smart Switch, never miss a transaction

Meet Turkey’s most advanced Smart Switch infrastructure, and minimize your unsuccessful transaction rates and costs.

  • Your card transactions will be redirected to the best POS devices for you on the basis of regulations and costs.
  • With Lidio’s AI-powered Smart Switch, identify unsuccessful transactions and cutbacks rapidly to generate additional revenues for your business.
  • Boost your sales with more than 7% conversion rates.

Enjoy unlimited freedom in payments!

When designing Smart Switch service, Lidio’s engineers aimed at building a payment infrastructure that not only redirects unsuccessful transactions but also routes all transactions to the best bank/payment institution according to specific parameters.

With this upgrade that also laid the foundation of our “Unlimited Freedom in Payments” principle, we offer the broadest product range to merchants of all sizes in the secure infrastructure of Lidio.


A brand-new way of payments for you and your consumers.

+54M tokenized card information in our secure infrastructure
16M+ successful transactions every month
Different payment solutions and secure cross-border payment infrastructure

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