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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Lidio?

Established with the motto of "Liberalizing Payments", Lidio is Turkey's largest digital payment platform with its technological and qualified infrastructure. With Lidio, we facilitate the financial processes of businesses of all sizes. Start receiving payments from anywhere in the world with Lidio's digital payment technologies.

Why Should I Work with Lidio?

With Lidio, Turkey's largest digital payment platform, we enable you to easily manage all the payment services you need for your business on a single platform. With our strong and secure payment infrastructure which hosts millions of successful transactions, we liberate payments and make financial technologies accessible to everyone.

What products and services are available in Lidio for companies which have a B2B business model?

If you have a B2B business model, you can benefit from many of our Lidio solutions such as B2B Collection Solutions, Company Payment Portal, Workplace Panel. For more detailed information, apply to Lidio, we will call you right away!

Can I use my POS belonging to other banks and payment institutions at the same time with Lidio?

While using Lidio virtual POS, you can also receive payments from POS of other banks and payment institutions.

Which bank POSs can be transacted in Lidio?

Transactions can be made using the virtual POS of the following banks in the Lidio infrastructure. Akbank Sanal POS Aktif Bank Sanal POS Albaraka Sanal POS Alternatif Bank Sanal POS Anadolu Bank Sanal POS Denizbank Sanal POS Finansbank Sanal POS Garanti Bank Sanal POS Halkbank Sanal POS HSBC Advantage Sanal POS ING Bank Sanal POS İş Bankası Sanal POS Kuveyt Türk Sanal POS Odea Bank Sanal POS Şekerbank Sanal POS TEB Sanal POS Türkiye Finans Sanal POS Vakıfbank Sanal POS Yapı Kredi Bankası Sanal POS Ziraat Bankası Sanal POS

Can transactions be made with international cards on Lidio?

Yes, transactions can be made with international cards and different exchange rates at Lidio. In addition, thanks to Lidio's international collaborations, you can receive payments from anywhere in the world at any time, at the exchange rate of the relevant country, with many alternative payment methods and card programs.

Where can I pay with my cards registered in Lidio infrastructure?

You can make payments with a single click with your hidden cards in all our workplaces that use the interoperable card saving infrastructure, which is Lidio's shared pool model.

Can I register more than one credit card to Lidio infrastructure?

Yes, you can register more than one card in the Lidio infrastructure.

I registered my credit card in Lidio infrastructure at a workplace. How can I view, update or delete my credit cards?

You can log in to your account on and view, update and delete your cards in the My Cards section.

I do not have a website, can I still make sales with Lidio?

You don't need a website to receive payments with Lidio. You can securely receive payments from your customers via the link you will send via SMS or e-mail. In addition, you can make your collections securely with the Company Payment Portal, which is our solution specially developed for businesses which do not have a website and want to receive payments. For detailed information about Receive Payment by Link or Company Payment Portal, you can contact us via your sales representative or

How can I view my transactions with Lidio?

You can view the transactions you have made with Lidio in the "Payments" section of the Lidio Workplace Panel. Login information to Lidio Workplace Panel will be sent to you by the support teams when your account is active.

How does the commission mechanism work between the marketplace and the sub

Sub-seller commission mechanism can be reflected to the sub-seller as a percentage or as a fixed amount. Sub-seller progress payments can be calculated automatically with defined commission percentages, or they can be calculated and sent parametrically by the marketplace as desired for the transaction. Marketplace and sub-seller progress payments are distributed by Lidio according to the value dates determined by the marketplace.

How do sellers in the marketplace receive their payments in Lidio infrastructure?

Progress payments are paid by Lidio to the companies selling in the marketplace, based on defined working conditions and account information.

Does Lidio infrastructure support multicart application with more than one vendor?

Our marketplace solution supports a multi-seller multi-cart structure. End users can add products from different vendors to their carts and complete their shopping.

How do marketplaces and subsellers perform reconciliation operations?

Lidio provides reconciliation reports on the Lidio Workplace Panel for the marketplace and sub-sellers, and has services to query past and future reconciliation information through Lidio APIs.

Can I use my own bank Virtual POS and Payment institution POS while taking advantage of the Lidio Smart Transaction Routing feature?

While taking advantage of our Lidio smart transaction routing feature, you can use any virtual POS and provide transaction routing. If you use the Lidio Virtual POS infrastructure in your transactions, the smart transaction routing service will be ready in our systems. In your normal payment system, you can position your own virtual POS or Lidio Virtual POS as Smart Switch alternative POS.

Can I benefit from Lidio's fraud services while using my own POS?

You can benefit from our fraud prevention service with your own POS integrated with our Lidio Core solution. If you use the Lidio Virtual POS infrastructure in your transactions, our fraud services will be readily available in our systems.

What explanation do customers who trade with Lidio see on their statements?

Transactions appear on the statement as Lidio*Company name in the format determined by the regulation. Company names are determined by workplaces.

How can I view the commission deductions and payable amounts for my transactions?

They will be able to observe the working conditions in their contracts through the workplace panel.

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