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The marketplace operating model covers numerous operations. At Lidio, we manage all of your marketplace processes.

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How it works?

With Lidio’s Marketplace solution, we manage the merchants’ processes with their sellers on our Marketplace platform, including cost management, payments and reporting.

Cost Advantage

Offer the best FX rates to your sellers with Lidio’s Marketplace solution. Avoid losses arising from FX volatility.

Real Time

Open real-time Lidio accounts for your unbanked sellers and make payments to these accounts free of charge.

Smooth Integration

Connect your website to Lidio Marketplace with a single integration via our business partnerships.


Lidio offers everything you need in a Marketplace solution

We bring together your buyers and sellers on a single platform, and manage all of your payment operations.

  • With Lidio Marketplace solution, you can create real-time accounts for unbanked sellers.
  • Easily manage your Escrow accounts with Lidio’s flexible infrastructure.
  • Consumers can access multiple shopping carts option via Lidio Marketplace solution.
  • The Marketplace solution allows you to change sellers any time
  • You can make payments to sellers’ accounts in foreign currencies without being affected by FX volatility.

Claim your place among hundreds of marketplaces

Offer the most reliable marketplace solution to your buyers. With Escrow and payment monitoring tools, control which buyers make payments, when they make payments and when due sums will be transferred to sellers. Process payments to sellers free of charge. With Lidio Marketplace solution, you can accept payments via bank, credit card or alternative payment systems - or you can collect payments for sales through pay with credit, partial payment or pay via remittance/EFT options. The Marketplace solution allows use of one shopping cart with multiple sellers, and offers different commission rates for different transactions, among many other benefits. Join us to push the limits in your marketplace!


A brand-new way of payments for you and your consumers.

+54M tokenized card information in our secure infrastructure
16M+ successful transactions every month
Different payment solutions and secure cross-border payment infrastructure

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