Card Tokenization

Card Tokenization

Keep your consumers’ credit card information in Lidio’s secure, PCI DSS Level 1-certified infrastructure which is home to 53 million tokenized cards. Collect your payments through a smooth purchasing experience.

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How it works?

Tokenize your consumers’ credit card information via an API or a secure link, and relieve yourself of the burden of executing POS transactions for every purchase.

Air-Tight Security

Achieve the highest security standards with our PCI DSS Level 1-certified system which is licensed by the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey.

Unlimited Freedom

With Lidio tap into our customized, closed-circuit card tokenization process or work with the common-pool principle.

Industry Leadership

Lidio is Turkey’s biggest digital payment platform with more than 54 million tokenized cards. Join Lidio and start to digitize your payments.

Kart Saklama

We are the leader of our sector with Turkey’s most advanced card tokenization solution

Tokenize your consumers’ card information in our secure infrastructure and boost your sales with “One Click Payment” or “Recurring Payment” options.

  • With our exclusive solutions for the insurance industry, process payments with the first 6 digitals and the last 4 digits of credit cards.
  • Tokenize your consumers’ card information to offer them smooth purchasing experience.
  • With automatic functions that rejects tokenizing invalid card information, only add verified cards to your pool and minimize risk of errors.
  • Improve customer loyalty with “Recurring Payment” infrastructure that is integrated with Lidio’s Card Tokenization product.
  • With advanced “One Click Payment” infrastructure, improve your successful transaction rate.

Lidio offers a solution for everyone

We added new capabilities to Lidio’s Card Tokenization service which allows you to collect payments via any payment tool you prefer. In all business models requiring recurring payments, including membership fees and rents, educational expenses, gym memberships or magazine subscriptions, we make sure you accept payments securely and automatically with a single click. Be a merchant to meet Lidio’s products and services.


A brand-new way of payments for you and your consumers.

+54M tokenized card information in our secure infrastructure
16M+ successful transactions every month
Different payment solutions and secure cross-border payment infrastructure

Other Lidio products that will add value to your business

We liberate the world of payments with products suitable for every business and scale. All our services are designed to grow your business

Let us find the correct
solution for you

We are aware that different businesses have different needs. Our priority at Lidio is to analyse your business, your needs and integrate the most appropriate products and services with your financial processes seamlessly.

We are ready to listen to you. If you are ready to grow your business and digitalize your processes, leave your contact details and we will call you.

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