Lidio Merchant Panel

Lidio Merchant Panel

Lidio Merchant Panel has been designed by Lidio engineers to make sure you can track your payment collections and reports without requiring integration and to easily manage your diverse business procedures, including instalments, security, POS settings, etc.

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How it works?

Lidio Merchant Panel allows you to make projections for your business, to track all financial transactions, including returned/canceled purchases, on a single platform, and to manage your cash flow.

Detailed Reporting

Monitor payment transactions, and filter down reports to access the simplest financial data you need via Lidio Merchant Panel.


You can view all customer transactions, group your customers and manage group-based payment types via Lidio Merchant Panel.

Special Solutions

With Lidio Merchant Panel, you can design and customize all transactions, including instalments, POS devices, and security.

Güçlü Raporlama Araçları

Merchant Panel helps you simplify your financial processes and to smoothly manage your cash flow

To monitor your transactions on Lidio Merchant Panel and receive value-date reports, enter your bank’s financial terms in Lidio Merchant Panel, and keep track of due dates and commission rates for collected payments via a single screen.

  • With Lidio Merchant Panel, you can execute financial settlements via the same screen, and simplify your processes by defining user management and authorization levels.
  • Secure login via SMS (OTP) is used in accessing Merchant Panel in Lidio.
  • You can smoothly execute your payment plans via the Merchant Panel and manage the payables of your consumers.
  • You can handle returned and cancelled purchases and pre-authorizations via Lidio Merchant Panel.
  • With Smart Switch, Fraud Solutions, Card Tokenization and other services, merchants can monitor the charged amounts for our value-added services in real-time.

Stay in control of your processes with Lidio’s advanced technologies

With the detailed reporting function and other customizable features of Lidio Merchant Panel, we make sure that you can smoothly manage all of your financial processes from a single point. In Lidio Merchant Panel, we offer you a consolidated solution with a secure infrastructure that is compatible with ERP integrations to smoothly monitor your payment collections. To access our technologies and services that address business of all sizes, fill in the form below and we will call you!


A brand-new way of payments for you and your consumers.

+54M tokenized card information in our secure infrastructure
16M+ successful transactions every month
Different payment solutions and secure cross-border payment infrastructure

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