Lidio Batch Payout

Lidio Batch Payout

Lidio Merchants decide which consumers will receive payouts, when they will receive payouts and how much payout will be made to each consumer, and Lidio handles the distribution of payouts via Lidio Batch Payout. Lidio Merchants send payouts to consumers smoothly without burdening themselves with financial operations.

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How it works?

Lidio Batch Payouts System has been designed to allow Lidio merchants to transfer payouts fast and easily to their consumers/business partners on the same day.

Cost Advantage

With Lidio Batch Payout, easily manage payouts of your consumers or business partners without additional banking expenses, and control your cash flow.

Unlimited Freedom

With Lidio Batch Payout, Lidio merchants can easily transfer payouts to consumers’ accounts or wallets with a single transactions.

Planned Payments

With Lidio Batch Payout, amounts specified by our merchants are smoothly transferred to consumers on daily basis – which helps minimize the operational challenges related to payment amounts and due dates.

Lidio Core

Start sending payouts at any amount to any number of accounts on the same day with a single click

Use our PCI DSS Level 1-certified, secure infrastructure, which is licensed by the Central Bank of Turkey, and send payouts to your consumers or business partners instantly and smoothly with Lidio Batch Payout.

  • Payments made via Lidio Batch Payout are easily transferred to consumers’ bank accounts, wallets or Lidio Pass e-money accounts.
  • Payments are made smoothly to all IBAN numbers of all Turkish banks.
  • With Lidio Batch Payout, payments are transferred on the same day – reports of results are delivered to you by Lidio on the same day.
  • Lidio Batch Payout to smoothly transfer money to your consumers at current exchange rates.
  • Send your payout requests at any time of the day and create as many batch payout orders as you wish on a single day.

Lidio focuses on making your financial processes easier

We liberalize payments with value-added services that respond to the needs of your business, and we make financial technologies accessible for all. With Lidio Bulk Payment, we transfer payments to your consumers or business partners on the same day to reduce your operational burden and to help you focus on your real tasks. Complete the form below to access all of our technologies and services that address businesses of all scales - we will call you!


A brand-new way of payments for you and your consumers.

+54M tokenized card information in our secure infrastructure
16M+ successful transactions every month
Different payment solutions and secure cross-border payment infrastructure

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