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Lidio, Turkey’s biggest digital payment platform, in line with its promise of “Unlimited Freedom”, has 54m+ tokenized cards, 16m+ transactions per month and 1.8m+ consumers using Lidio Pass to make purchases quickly without entering card information. We strive to make world-class, value-added financial technologies accessible for businesses of various scales and for individuals.

We offer online payment gateway, smart switch, card tokenization, fraud solutions, one-click payment, pay with credit, partial payment and many other AI-powered services on Lidio platform for businesses and consumers.

Lidio’s Values

Our principle is “Liberalizing Payments.” To achieve this, we work passionately and we learn from each other.

We steer the future of financial technologies, and we draw strength from our trust in each other and our team spirit.

As we develop high-technology products and services at Lidio, we take initiatives, make free decisions and work hard to deliver the best every day.

  • Integrity

    We are authentic and reliable. We always strive to be fair. We care about doing the right thing at all times, even when no one is looking.

  • Openness

    We believe good listeners always thrive. We care about cultural diversity and different ways of doing business. We can see the big picture in the focus of our company and we know how our objectives are shaped.

  • Courage

    We make our own decisions, and we learn from our mistakes. We push our limits, and try to find what is new and innovative. We are brave advocates of the values we believe in.

  • Collaboration

    We unite people. We care about and respect the experience and knowledge of our team mates. We never cease to support each other, even when we have disagreements in decision-making processes.

  • Ownership

    We take on responsibilities. We own our work, and we never give up when faced with challenges. We always focus on the greater objectives, and work to develop and manage innovative, high-technology projects.

Management Team

Murat Tural


"With its experienced tech team, Lidio prioritizes security and business continuity at every point from software development to system management processes. All of our systems are backed-up and operated at PCI-DSS Level 1 standards to ensure safe and uninterrupted access to our broad range of services addressing the needs of our merchants."

Murat Tural - Linkedin

Cemal Bekar

Head of Operations

“Our team offers fast, customer-oriented solutions, with end-to-end process management, including admission of merchants, technical support, fraud solutions and disputes for charges. Our AI-supported fraud solutions protect your business against financial losses. We offer you the fastest, top quality support in all areas of service.”

Cemal Bekar - Linkedin

Semra Demir

Head of Finance

“At Lidio Accounting and Finance team, we work at the heart of the organization to support the commercial activities of our merchants through effective financial management and diligent financial controls.”

Semra Demir - Linkedin

Erhan Ula

Product & Solutions Consultant

“Together, we analyze your payment agenda, from basic needs to most sophisticated scenarios and special projects. Thus we offer the best and most practical Lidio solutions aligned with the trends and regulations while focusing on security and user experience. With our experience and know-how as the payment partner of leading brand in various industries for more than a decade, it will be very easy to implement your much-need solution with Lidio.”

Erhan Ula - Linkedin

Kıymet Özyurt Oer

Business Development Director

"We, as Lidio Business Development Department, meticulously manage corporate clients, closely monitor new projects and product sales. We conduct processes with banks and virtual POS systems, and strive to design Lidio's processes flawlessly. Among our main tasks are to expand the sales and service framework of our new products and services, and to deepen our existing customer engagement policy. We work tirelessly to digitize our customers' and business partners' financial processes and provide them with value-added benefits."

Kıymet Oer- Linkedin

Emre Güzer


“At Lidio, we develop smooth, multi-channel payment solutions that will ensure end-to-end improvement in the business processes of our stakeholders. Our aim is to build a new generation of financial technology that allows our merchants to be free and unlimited.

We started building this ecosystem from scratch 10 years ago. I am blessed to have brought together this team at Lidio, which is one of the most innovative, passionate and experienced teams in this ecosystem.”

Emre Güzer - Linkedin

Let us find the correct
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We are aware that different businesses have different needs. Our priority at Lidio is to analyse your business, your needs and integrate the most appropriate products and services with your financial processes seamlessly.

We are ready to listen to you. If you are ready to grow your business and digitalize your processes, leave your contact details and we will call you.

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