Integrated Platforms

Integrated Platforms

If you work with a contracted e-commerce platform or a global, open-source code platform we can plug in, you can have instant access to Lidio’s financial technologies without requiring integration.

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E-Commerce Platforms

If you use an in-network e-commerce platform, all you need to do is request your API access data from Lidio and share this data with your platform’s administrator. After your data is defined in the -system, you can immediately start accepting payments and using other value-added services, including Lidio card tokenization.

Open-Source Code Platforms

If you are a user of Woocommerce or Opencard open-source code platforms, you can start accepting payments by installing the Lidio plugin in the plugin library of the platform. You can get your API access data from Lidio, enter this data in your plugin settings and start accepting payments via Lidio Hosted Pages and using other value-added services.

Easily accept payments via Lidio’s contracted e-commerce platforms

  • If you work with a contracted e-commerce platform, you can start accepting payments and using other value-added services from Lidio, without requiring additional integration.
  • If you have not chosen an e-commerce platform yet, you can choose one of Lidio’s contracted platforms to avoid additional burden of technical processes.
  • Become a member of Lidio to start working with Turkey’s leading e-commerce platforms and reach the most technological level in accepting payments.

Start accepting payments in 24 hours with the free Lidio plugins offered in open-source code platforms!

Businesses working with open-source code e-commerce platforms can easily start accepting payments and smoothly manage e-commerce processes by using our free plugins. You can choose Lidio’s free plugins and open-source code platforms to get your e-commerce platform up and running in a short time and to instantly start accepting payments.

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Let us find the correct
solution for you

We are aware that different businesses have different needs. Our priority at Lidio is to analyse your business, your needs and integrate the most appropriate products and services with your financial processes seamlessly.

We are ready to listen to you. If you are ready to grow your business and digitalize your processes, leave your contact details and we will call you.

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