Hosted Payment Page

Hosted Payment Page

Lidio Hosted Payment Page is a user-oriented, secure solution which can be operated in a single integration without contacting card information.

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You can start using Lidio Hosted Payment Pages with a simple integration, either by building it in your user interface (iframe) or by temporarily redirecting checkout screen to a different page. Lidio Hosted Payment Pages offer smooth UX and an advanced payment solution that minimizes your PCI DSS liabilities as sensitive data does not come into contact with your systems.

Single Integration

With a single integration to Lidio Hosted Payment Page, you can use integrated products and services, including Smart Switch, Fraud Solutions and Alternative Payment Methods.

Air-Tight Security

Users enter sensitive card data directly in Lidio interface. Designed to avoid contact between card information and your systems, this solution minimizes your risks and PCI DSS liabilities.

Mobile Experience

Hosted Page has been designed with a software infrastructure that can operate on all screen sizes. It has been developed to offer a mobile screen with UX experience like the merchant websites.

Lidio Core

Offer secure and unique experience with a single integration

Lidio Hosted Payment Page is a payment solution that offers top security and unique mobile experience with all payment methods and relevant functions for your consumers.

  • Pay with Card, BKM Ekspress, Garanti Pay, Maximum Mobile, remittance/EFT, Pay with Remittance, Pay with Credit and many other products are available on Lidio Hosted Payment Page.
  • Hosted Pages are offered with payment or card/account management options. Each has been designed to be used with iframe or redirect.
  • With Hosted Payment, you can integrate with management of mechanisms for mandatory/optional regulatory customer approvals and other advanced Lidio functionalities.
  • BIN management, installments and additional installments, mandatory/optional 3D secure options, viewing and using points, card tokenization, viewing and paying with tokenized cards and many other features are available for you.

Offer smooth payment experience to your consumers

With Lidio Hosted Payment Page, we make sure you offer smooth payment experience to your consumers. With the customizable infrastructure of Hosted Payment Page, you can design your payment page on your website or mobile applications according to your needs and simplify your payment collection processes. With Lidio Hosted Payment Page, forget about long integration processes and complicated infrastructure - digitalize your financial processes.


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